Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nativity with Vinyl Stencil

My project to share today was created using a vinyl stencil I cut on my scan n cut.  I purchased a Nativity design from Lori Whitlock Shop.  First I'll show you how it ended up.


I cut the design out in some vinyl. I had some colors from a multi-pack that I don't really care for so I used it. The hardest part was remembering to weed out the good parts.

Then I applied it to my wood piece with some transfer tape and sponged black paint over the entire design.  I did a light layer so I wouldn't have seepage under the vinyl.


I waited only a few minutes to pull the vinyl up.  If I had done a heavier layer I would have waited a little longer.


 All in all I was able to finish this gift in about 30 minutes.  At least 10 of those minutes was spent picking the vinyl I would most likely not use!

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