Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thirty! A Scrapbook Thursday

I haven't put much about me in the scrapbook.  I guess I thought it should be about the kids but with losing my mom this year, I realized a little about me along with the kids is important.  I don't know that I will go back and add every event but going forward I want to add more.  Maybe I'll make a little book about me or something.  I know I wish I knew more about my mom other than how she was as Mom.

On to my layout...

layouts 001

layouts 003

When I turned 30 my entire family made the trip down to celebrate.  They usually don't get to come because it's Thanksgiving and my dad works then.  It is also the very worst time to travel.  The roads are very crowded and so are the airports.  I know because I've made the trip a few times.

layouts 021

I have been a little flower-making happy lately.  I love the effect inking white paper vs. using colored card stock gives.  The center of the daisy is a trick I picked up from Mr. Holtz during his Chemistry 101 class.  I have not been pleased with my distress stickles.  I thought they were blah and disappointing.  Turns out I was the problem.  They are designed to be spread out.  The effect becomes more a chunky glass like glitter rather than a sparkle (like stickles).  I am head-over-heels now and working on picking up all the colors now!  I love this center better than the sparkly stickles center (I made one of each to compare but Lizzy claimed the other one).

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