Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Accucut Grande MARK Challenge

I am feveriously trying to finish up my entry for the Accucut GrandeMark Challenge.  The deadline is May 31st.  I of course have waited until the last minute to work on my project but creativity (for me) is on its own time table (and accomodates all those interruptions called life).  If you would like to enter the GrandMark Challenge go here and check it out.  The prizes are pretty sweet!  If you don't have your own machine, stop by Felicia's Scrapbooks or your local scrapbook store and use theirs. 

Keep an eye out, my fingers are crossed that I'll get my project done sometime today! (around the cookie making and fruit tray cutting)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sara, My name is Traci Armbrust with AccuCut Craft could you please contact me at traci.armbrust@accucut.com I drew your name to win the $100 AccuCut Gift Certificate for sharing this link on your blog.