Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative Chemistry

I have been toying with trying out the Creative Chemistry class with Tim Holtz.  I hesitated mostly because I teach both professionally and for fun.  I tend to be rather critical of classes and in case you didn't know this, teachers are like the worst students ever.  I never want to do the project as the teacher set it up.  I was drawn to this class because it is self-paced, it's Tim Holtz, the projects are totally technique oriented, it's Tim Holtz, it used a wide variety of products, it's Tim Holtz, and I could use what I have at home to make something I like not what the teacher likes (did I mention Tim Holtz is teaching it?).  Anyway I had my first opportunity to try a couple techniques out.  These are all distress ink + water techniques.  The brush-less watercolor is my favorite but the two backgrounds have potential with some more practice.

creativechemistry 007

creativechemistry 002

creativechemistry 008

Of course how do you know you just took a tip or two from Tim Holtz?

creativechemistry 009

Inky Fingers.

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