Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Calendar Take 2

I posted my advent calendar here.  I filled it, showed the kids on the morning of December 1.  Sent them to school with a promise of opening the first day after dinner.  At 11am I received an email from Fletcher that Mocha had eaten my lovely advent calendar.

At first there was no way I was going to make it again but the kids were very excited so I sat down and made a new one.  Sadly Mocha did not eat the ones I disliked the most.  She ate mostly my favorites.  She could have at least opened the tops but she just shredded them instead.

Here is the new calendar, moved to a higher location with no hearth to get a boost on.

christmas 004

And the kids with one of the days...

christmas 006

I think this might just be a new tradition at our house. I want to make new ones every year. I'm thinking these envelopes might be a great thing to use in my December Daily album.

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