Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anniversary card

I have made some very elaborate and thoughtful cards for my husband over the years.  He has opened them, smiled and then never looked at them again. Today is our anniversary.  I have been busy making banners and cards and cake balls for a party in Missouri.  Not to mention I spent the day packing.  At 3pm I decided to make my husband another (I assumed unappreciated) card for our anniversary.  I was tired and took the lazy way out.  I found a picture online, printed it and glued it to the front of the card.

drwho 001

Then I added the sentiment "I would travel through time and space with you forever..." to the inside. He had tears in his eyes after he opened the card and saw the pencil holder I whipped up. He has them tucked away to take to work and show his friends.

drwho 013

My husband is a Doctor Who fan but he is also a Star Wars and Star Trek fan and has not liked any of those cards in the way he liked this one. I will never understand the difference.

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