Friday, March 26, 2010

My new favorite medium and a flower tutorial

I have a new favorite medium--old texts. I went to half price books and for the bargain price of $3 I found this old dictionary full of illustrations and of course, text. I have been pulling pages out and cutting, distressing and embellishing. Considering that one sheet of scrapbook paper would be around a buck, I consider this to be a great value.

flowers 001

On to my flowers....The flower is pretty simple. I cut 6 scalloped circles of text paper and 1 scalloped circle of card stock. I used pearl ex in hairspray on my text pieces.

flowers 003

Once the circles dried I folded them first in half.

flowers 007

then slightly over half (like 2/3 but it's not an exact science...

flowers 008

then fold back the edge of over lap and repeat for the other side.

flowers 010

Do this will all six circles and then adhere them to the cardstock circle.

flowers 011

When you have them all adhered you can pick a center. Buttons, brads, gems, other flowers, pretty much anything you can think of could be used.

flowers 013

Finished flower

flowers 014

I hope you liked this simple little flower. I have been using it a lot. It can be adapted with solid circles or bigger circles too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wannna know why I haven't posted lately?

So it's been a while since I last posted. It's been a while since I got to make anything other than prep for my class last Saturday. Wanna see why?

baseball 021

baseball 015

baseball 023

Simon is not a good photo taker. He's like his dad, if he knows his picture is being taken he over thinks it. His best pictures are spontaneous.

So T-Ball and Baseball have been filling my weekends and free time. Now that games have started my Saturdays are full but the week days and nights have evened out some.

I've looked back over my goals I set for this year. I've done great with sending out cards and there haven't been any birthdays to send cards for yet but I have a stash of cards ready. I cleaned out a huge amount of stuff that I realized I'm probably not going to use and passed some along to others. I also have been using embellishments I love instead of saving them. As far as the scrapbook pages go, I've been working on them but I haven't finished the 2 a month I wanted to. Maybe I'll get motivated and do a bunch in one day! My Etsy store remains empty but I have hopes to get it filled and I'm still plugging away at the digital calendars. So all in all I've been sticking to the goals pretty well.