Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Garage sale goodies

This past weekend was the bi-annual garage sale at Felicia's Scrapbooks. Customers bring their scrapbook items they are no longer using and sell them to other customers for store credit. As you can imagine, it is a very popular event. Not to mention after you sell some of your stuff you have store credit to buy some more stuff to replace what you sold! I sold a few things and in the next couple days I should find out how much credit I have.

Of course I can not pass up a good deal and I found a few deals on Saturday. By far the best deal was what I found on ink pads. I purchased 2 separate lots of ink pads. Over half the ink pads were still in the original wrapper. The others were all in great shape. All the inks pictured below cost me a grand total of $5!

pictures 006

You may be wondering what the little white tags in front of my fabulous ink purchase are doing there. I stack my inks in a bin. So I can easily see what color the ink is and how it looks on paper, I always rub one of the little labels in the ink pad and then stick to the edge of the ink pad for easy reference.

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