Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Goals

I have a few personal goals for this New Year but I have also created a few paper related goals. Some of the paper goals relate to the personal goals. I do believe writing something down and posting it helps keep me on track. So without further ado here is my list of paper crafting goals for the year.

1. Send out at least 2 cards every month
2. Send out only handmade birthday cards. I have more than enough paper to do this for like 10 years and not ever buy a new supply
3. Speaking of supplies, I want to cycle through and use or pass along some of the paper and embellishments I've been holding on to for "something special"
4. Complete at least 2 scrapbook pages each month. I am seriously behind in my scrapbooks. I need to focus on using some of the card making techniques I love in my scrapbooks.
5. Fill my Etsy store and maybe try out a craft show.
6. Start on Christmas presents early, specifically before December first!
7. Be better about creating class items. I was doing 2-4 classes a month. I'm lucky to complete one project for a class each month.

So there you have it. My paper crafting goals. So far I'm on track. I have a card ready to mail to my mom that I used some old supplies on, I started the calendars for next year--I hope to make one layout a month for them--and I've started projects for 2 classes.

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