Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday gifts part 4

As you read this we are on our way to visit my family in Missouri. If it's after 9am central time, we are in Oklahoma. If it's after 5pm we are in the home stretch and the kids are driving me positively batty!

***ETA Due to Mother Nature's Winter Wrath we have not been able to head off for our Christmas visit. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to leave this afternoon, stay half way and then do the rest of the trip tomorrow.

I have another handmade gift to share could be used in several different ways, for numerous occasions. My brother-in-law is a newlywed. His bride expressed a desire to start entertaining now that they are married. She wanted to stock her bar and have a party. I got them a set of martini glasses to get their bar started. I also created a book of martini recipes. I put some standards, the 007, the appletini and some fun and funky drinks--wedding cake martini, milkyway martini. They're on a ring so that they could just pull one out and have a signature drink for the evening. I made sure some major holidays were covered (Ouija tini, Mayflower tini, Nutcracker martini) so they'd be set for any party need. This same gift idea could be used for a coffee lover (mugs and a ring of fancy coffee drinks) or bakers (ring of recipes and some neat baking utensils).

gifts 013

gifts 014

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