Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Gifts Part 3

Happy Christmas Eve. As a child I loved Christmas Eve as much as Christmas Day. We always went to Grandpa John's house and had all the yummy snack/appetizer type foods. His house is small and there were a lot of us but I loved it because I got to see everyone. I don't usually go back to visit my family until after Christmas Day now so we always miss the Christmas Eve festivities.

I have 2 more quick and fun gifts to share with you today. The first idea actually came from Michael's. It's a ribbon book mark with charms on each end. I could not find the right kind of beads, you need a ribbon crimp with a hook in the center. I ordered some from Ebay but they were shipped to the wrong address. I did find some large crimp beads and that's what I ended up using for these.

gifts 008

Basically you put a crimp on each end of a ribbon 8-10" long. Then you can use jump rings to hang charms, beads, gems, etc. off each end. The ribbon lays between the pages of the book and the charms dangle on each end. I must say there is quite a selection of gems and charms out there. I must stay out of those isles before I pick up another expensive habit..err...hobby!

gifts 009

The second gift I have to share with you is an altered found item. A couple years ago, Electrasol came in these Jetson's tins. They were the same price and the tin was neat so I kept all the tins in bin of trash to treasures.

gifts 016

I turned the Jetson's tin into a dog treat tin with a little paper, adhesive and ribbon. The blue line that says limited edition was part of the original tin. It matched and I thought it was kind of neat to mark my work as a limited edition. The treat tin is for my brother and his semi-new puppy. He is quite smitten and I'm sure will love having something to put Charlie's treats in.

gifts 001

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