Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hapy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday. I'd tell you the number but well, I quit counting a couple years ago! Simon is out of school today for the Thanksgiving holiday. He asked if we could go to Chuck E. Cheese or Inflatable Wonderland for my birthday. He did offer that we could stop by a scrapbook store on the way home. He's such a thoughtful kid.

I have been working on the digital calendars for my family. I finally completed them all. They were all made in a 5 x5 size. prints 5x5 sizes for just a quarter which is how I chose my size. All of these pages were created with digi freebies. Mostly from Shabby Princess and Emily Giovanni. I am by no means very good with digital scrapbooking. I do like being able to re-size things quickly and for this project it was the perfect medium because I created once (a few months 2 or 3 versions) and I'm able to print out 6 presents.

calendars copy

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