Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Picutre Time

Every year I pose Simon and Lizzy somewhere to get our Christmas picture we send in the cards. I used to go to the photo studio and get them done but after my Christmas season of working in the photo studio I can no longer stand to do this. I think it's easier to capture their personalities at home anyway. Normally they were a Christmas shirt of some sort but this year we were all in my brother-in-law's wedding so we had fancier clothes to wear.

I like to print a 4 x6 picture for everyone with some sort of Christmas border/design that they can put on their fridge if they want to. Since I've been practicing my digital skills, I created my own this year rather than the pre-loaded ones provided by Snapfish.

christmascard copy

I always take about 3 times as many pictures as we actually need. Even when I think I got the right shot, I take a couple more. Many times I have found out after the kids have changed clothes that Simon closed his eyes or Lizzy put her hand in front of her face. I do think the pictures turn out the best if you can be outside when it's sunny. I didn't have that option this year.

A couple of out takes:

christmasposes 018
No smile...

christmasposes 023
too far back, angle too wide...

christmasposes 025_edited-1Way over exposed by the flash. This is where the great outdoors and Mother Nature's light would be an improvement!

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