Friday, October 23, 2009

Budding Artist?

I would not call myself an artist and there are far more talented people out there than myself; however I do enjoy expressing myself creatively. The first time I can remember someone remarking that I was creative (my mom has assured me that my creativity was very apparent long before this as I always had creative ways of doing everything) was when I was in the third grade and I started writing short stories and poems. They were silly and very childish but I had a way of describing things that was quite creative. As the years went on I started adding other mediums and outlets to my creativity like sewing, needlepoint (never could follow the lines!) and photography before settling into the paper crafting world.

I see a lot of that same creativity in my daughter. I am determined to nurture it rather than curb it. Her current obsession is photography. Thankfully we are in a digital age and it's ok when she takes 100 pictures of her feet (see example 2 below) or fifty pictures of the ceiling. Some of her photos are quite put together. A lot of her pictures are My space worthy (see example 1 below)

Example 1

birthdaycard 002

Example 2

birthdaycard 010