Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of First Grade and a Card from Lizzy

I finally have my camera hooked back up so I can share some pictures. We have finished moving but are still living out of a lot of boxes. I've managed to completely set up the scrapbook area and the kitchen. Everything else is in various stages based on what I've needed. For instance this morning I had to dig in the garage for clothes I could wear to school as only my shorts have been unpacked. I wanted to share Simon's first day of school. He was so excited to be going into the first grade. For the first week of school we drove 45 minutes one way to take him so he didn't have to switch after a week and for the second week of school we camped out in the new house until our furniture arrived on Friday.

firstday 002

My little Lizzy loves to craft. Since I have the room set up she feels the supplies need to be used. As I was setting everything up, I reorganized some embellishments and gave things that I'm not really going to use to Lizzy. She has been waiting all week to make something with all her new goodies. Last night I finally relented and she made a card. When I say she wanted to make something with all her goodies, I mean it literally. She had about a pound worth of metal stuff she wanted help attaching to this card. I talked her down to picking just a few favorites.



Paper: White cardstock
Stamps: Cardinal stamp from Hobby Lobby
Ink: pink washable ink
Embellishments: Everything but the kitchen sink!

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