Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry for no posts and moving blog candy

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have had quite the month. We're in the process of moving which is why I have neglected to really make anything in a while. My husband has surgery on the 23rd to fix a bulging disk in his neck and I start student teaching on the 26th. I did create cards for a card class at Felicia's last week. You can see the cards here on her blog. I will run the cards again sometime this spring.

Since I don't have a creation of my own to share, I am going to post a couple of my favorite projects I've seen in the last few days.

1. I love this house box created by Lauren. I think it would be a perfect holder for a Mother's Day present or maybe a house warming gift.

2. On Becca's blog Amazing Paper Grace I found a really pretty Valentine she created with Spellbinder's dies. This card makes me want to run out and purchase the heart and the scalloped heart dies. I love how she tied a bow through the middle of the hearts.

3. For a ton of neat cards, techniques and tutorials, Mel Stampz has created a year in review to share with all of us. The post includes links to all the previous projects and templates she created and found on the Internet.

Hopefully I will be posting something I made soon. I am feeling very lost without my ink and paper. The one plus is that in the new house I will have my own craft room. I will not have to share the room with any other purpose. I will be looking for lots of organization ideas. If you have a great organization idea post it in the comments and I will draw a name for blog candy after I have moved everything into the new craft room.


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